Wool Comforter

Natural wool filled comforter made in Michigan's oldest operating woolen mill, est. 1894. American Made Product
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Why are wool comforters better than the rest?

  •  Wool is a renewable resource.

              The sheep that grows our wool is still happily grazing in a pasture

  • Wool is naturally flame resistant.

             You can sleep sound knowing that your loved ones are safe

  •  Wool naturally regulates your temperature

             Tiny air pockets in the wool become your body temperature and breathe for you allowing you the perfect sleep

  • Our wool comforters are 100% natural

             Our 100% wool batts are washed in a bio-degradable soap and covered in 100% all natural cotton muslin

  • Our wool bedding is made from a ‘batt’

             Our wool comes off our machines in a sheet or ‘batt’ so the wool is always where you need it.


Sweet dreams are made of this…the right sleeping environment

Recent research demonstrates that, under many conditions, people sleep better if their bedding products are made from wool.

The recent ‘Sleeping Comfort’ study, conducted by The Woolmark Company and the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Health Science, set out to establish a scientific link between the human body, bedding products and sleeper comfort.

By establishing a Thermal Comfort Assessment Rating through a series of human and laboratory trials, the results of the study established that wool bedding products:

  • Breath more naturally than synthetic products
  • Increase the duration of the most beneficial phase of sleep known as the REM or Rapid Eye Movement Sleep stage, where the sleeper is totally relaxed and most dreaming takes place.
  • Facilitates a comfortable body temperature – the body gets to a comfortable sleeping temperature more quickly and stays there for longer.

Quite simply, it all adds up to a better night’s sleep.


Did you know that over 20 million people are seriously affected by dust mite allergies? You don’t have to be one of them.

-          Dust mites are pesky little creatures that feed off skin cells that the body naturally sloughs off. They also love a warm, moist environment and that’s why they love to make their home in your bed. In fact, a traditional box spring mattress can be the home to as many as 10 million dust mites.

-          Dust mite feces and decaying carcases are usually the source of our allergic reactions. So it’s important to have fast drying and moisture wicking bedding unlike down or synthetics.

-          Our wool bedding, on the other hand, naturally repels dust mites and wicks moisture for a more restful sleep.


Quality Sleep is related directly to where and how it takes place.

The ideal room temperature for the most effective sleep is generally agreed to be between 64-68 degrees Fahrenheit. Get much colder or hotter and your sleep will be impaired.

In a recent German study, subjects were monitored in environment controlled rooms and it was found that the pulse rate of sleepers under wool blanket was normal at 60 beats per minute, where as it rose erratically up to 80 beats per minute under the acrylic blanket. Thus, indicating greater stress on the sleeping person.

This is easily explained as wool comforters absorb 50% more perspiration than an acrylic blanket, and cotton pajamas worn by the participant remained drier while they were under wool bedding. The microclimate under the acrylic blanket was simply too hot and humid for comfort.


So treat yourself to a hand-tied, wool-filled comforter made in Frankenmuth, Michigan. We transform sheep’s wool into the cozy wool filling in each comforter and then hand-tie in the old-fashioned European tradition. Just like in 1894!

There are many great benefits to having a wool comforter.

  • Wool acts as a natural insulator keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Perfect for year around comfort.
  • Naturally hypo-allergenic
  • Repels dust mites
  • Wickes away the moisture from your body and does not leave an environment that dust mites thrive on
  • Regulates body temperature for an even and restful sleep. 
  • Wool fibers naturally extinguish fire making it flame resistant.
  • Eco-friendly, wool is washed in bio-degradeable soap and inserted between 100% cotton coverings
  • People with skin sensitivity, like fibromyalgia, can enjoy the benefits of a wool comforter
  • Unlike most comforters, wool comforters can be taken a part, washed, and made new again
  • Sheep continue to thrive long after harvesting the fiber
  • Additional shipping charges apply

There is nothing like sleeping under a wool-filled comforter! Handcrafted in Frankenmuth; the fluffy, wool batts are covered in natural unbleached muslin and are wonderfully warm and maintain your perfect body temperature during sleep. Traditional hand-tying each comforter prevents shifting and cold spots. And since wool regulates body temperature by wicking away moisture you won't wake up overheated and clammy. It has been shown that sleeping under a wool comforter results in calmer heart rates, lower humidity next to the skin, and better maintenance of optimal skin temperature for sleep. Studies have shown that your REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, a vital stage of sleep, is increased, resulting in better sleep. As compared to other synthetics, wool has superior breathability and resilience. Wool's crimp helps the fiber maintain its natural loft.

Our hand-tied muslin comforter is perfect for inside a duvet or comforter cover. It's hand-stitched in a long basting stitch, just enough to hold the wool in place. This comforter can be used without a cover.

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Hand-Tied Cradle

36" x 45", 8 oz wool

Availability: In stock

$130.00 (USD)

Hand-Tied Crib

 45" x 54", 16 oz wool

Availability: In stock

$150.00 (USD)

Hand-Tied Lap

45" x 72", 24 oz wool

Availability: In stock

$167.50 (USD)

Hand-Tied Bunk

60" x 90", 40 oz. wool

Availability: In stock

$213.75 (USD)

Hand-Tied Twin

72" x 90", 48 oz wool

Availability: In stock

$265.00 (USD)

Hand-Tied Double

81" x 90", 56 oz wool

Availability: In stock

$287.50 (USD)

Hand-Tied Queen

90 x 90 - 64 oz wool

Availability: In stock

$310.00 (USD)

Hand-Tied King

108" x 90", 80 oz wool

Availability: In stock

$352.50 (USD)

Hand-Tied Super King

118" x 118", 112 oz wool

Availability: In stock

$512.50 (USD)

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